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Good Dog: Art of Man's Best Friend
Jan 31, 2014 - Apr 27, 2014


Dogs have been part of human history for thousands of years.  They have assisted us with tasks that have been crucial to our comfort, if not our survival. They have been our protectors, our hunters, even our transportation, carrying or pulling great loads as we moved one place to next.  They have preformed many roles for humans, but none more important than companionship.  This special bond between humans and dogs has been celebrated throughout history in ancient markings, literature, film, music, and of course in the visual arts.

Northern California has a rich tradition of artists working with man's best friend, the dog.  Northern California art movements such as West Coast Pop, Photorealism and California Funk emphasized personal, iconic, as well as everyday subject matter.  Paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, and mixed media works incorporating dog imagery seem to have flourished in this area over the past five decades.  Many examples in this exhibit reflect those works.  Good Dog: Art of Man's Best Friend portrays examples of contemporary works by artists that have focused on the subject of dogs, but also stays true to the original inspiration for the show: the dog as an extension of the human experience.  The exhibition presents works by both renowned and emerging artists, including some from our local community.  Through their unique interpretation, these artists give us a glimpse of the dog as a supporting companion sharing our world of exploration, or as a powerful mysterious creature rooted in legend and folklore, or even as an extension of our very own emotions.

So, take a look for yourself at “our best friend the dog” through the eyes of contemporary artists.  Maybe as you look at these works of art you can see a little of yourself reflecting back.

Exhibiting Artists include: Betty Bailey, Clayton Bailey, Angela Bennie, Michael Bliven, Maija Peeples-Bright, Joan Brown, John Buck, Travis Collinson, Roy De Forest, Bill Dane, Jeff Downing, Joe Draegert, Rupert Garica, David Gilhooly, James Gilmore, Cassandra Jones, Frank La Pena, Joe Mariscal, Peggy Garbutt Murray, Lisa Reinertson, Clif Sowder, Michael Stevens, Wayne Thiebaud, Nancy Youdelman

This exhibition was developed and curated by John Harper exclusively for Turtle Bay Exploration Park.

Good Dog: Art of Man's Best Friend is supported by Sally Wells.  Additional support from Ron Reece, M.D. and Haven Humane Society.
Back to Back (1985) by Lisa Reinertson, courtesy of the artist,  Eight Dogs (1990) by Wayne Thiebaud, courtesy of Reed Applegate