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Good Dog: Art of Man's Best Friend
Jan 31, 2014 - Apr 27, 2014


Dogs have been part of human history for thousands of years.  They have assisted us with tasks that have been crucial to our comfort, if not our survival. They have been our protectors, our hunters, even our transportation, carrying or pulling great loads as we moved one place to next.  They have preformed many roles for humans, but none more important than companionship.  This special bond between humans and dogs has been celebrated throughout history in ancient markings, literature, film, music, and of course in the visual arts.

Northern California has a rich tradition of artists working with man's best friend, the dog.  Northern California art movements such as West Coast Pop, Photorealism and California Funk emphasized personal, iconic, as well as everyday subject matter.  Paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, and mixed media works incorporating dog imagery seem to have flourished in this area over the past five decades.  Many examples in this exhibit reflect those works.  Good Dog: Art of Man's Best Friend portrays examples of contemporary works by artists that have focused on the subject of dogs, but also stays true to the original inspiration for the show: the dog as an extension of the human experience.  The exhibition presents works by both renowned and emerging artists, including some from our local community.  Through their unique interpretation, these artists give us a glimpse of the dog as a supporting companion sharing our world of exploration, or as a powerful mysterious creature rooted in legend and folklore, or even as an extension of our very own emotions.

So, take a look for yourself at “our best friend the dog” through the eyes of contemporary artists.  Maybe as you look at these works of art you can see a little of yourself reflecting back.

Exhibiting Artists include: Betty Bailey, Clayton Bailey, Angela Bennie, Michael Bliven, Maija Peeples-Bright, Joan Brown, John Buck, Travis Collinson, Roy De Forest, Bill Dane, Jeff Downing, Joe Draegert, Rupert Garica, David Gilhooly, James Gilmore, Cassandra Jones, Frank La Pena, Joe Mariscal, Peggy Garbutt Murray, Lisa Reinertson, Clif Sowder, Michael Stevens, Wayne Thiebaud, Nancy Youdelman

This exhibition was developed and curated by John Harper exclusively for Turtle Bay Exploration Park.

Good Dog: Art of Man's Best Friend is supported by Sally Wells.  Additional support from Ron Reece, M.D. and Haven Humane Society.
Back to Back (1985) by Lisa Reinertson, courtesy of the artist,  Eight Dogs (1990) by Wayne Thiebaud, courtesy of Reed Applegate 

Monday, October 7, 2013

"Life Observed" Lisa Reinertson / November Exhibition

SMAart Gallery & Studio 

1045 Sutter Street

San Francisco, CA 94109

 Reception: Thurs. Nov.7


Gallery hours: 

Tue - Sat 

11:30 am - 5:30pm

  Much of what artists do is observation; from focusing on direct observation of nature’s physical attributes (which I don’t think we can separate from a sense of awe), to artist’s historic predilection to be keen observers of the current political and social hypocrisies and troubles of their times.  “Art is a lie that reveals the truth.” -Picasso
   In the intimate setting of Steve Allen’s SMAART Gallery in San Francisco, I am exhibiting small figure studies, along with a selection of my large ceramic sculptures. The figure studies, some in bas-relief and some 3-D, were done while working along with my students in sessions with live models. This practice of direct observation has been key to taking the larger sculptural works to a more expressive and powerful place conceptually.
   Observations of our relationship with life, i.e. nature, our earth and the living beings on it, motivate my life size figurative works in this exhibition. I feel the yearning to protect life on this earth, as I witness and grieve the destruction of habitats, entire species, and eco-systems. I use mythological imagery to stir up our collective memory. Myths express our relationship with life while also keenly observing our own human nature. In combining contemporary content with the timeless nature of human/animal based myths, the intent is to resonate in the human psyche. I think artists understand that the tragedy is if we don’t feel the grief; if we refuse to let the truth of what we are doing be revealed.  -Lisa

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2013-2014 Teaching and Exhibition Update


I am teaching Ceramic Sculpture/Figure Sculpture at the San Francisco Art Institute this academic year.

2013-2014  EXHIBITIONS .....

AUGUST             -  FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING 2013  (group exhibition)
                                 SMAART GALLERY, 1045 SUTTER ST., S.F.


                                 Turtle Bay Exploration Park in Redding, CA.
                                 from January 31st to April 30th, 2014
                                 22 Northern California Artists who have worked with Dog Imagery

JUNE 2014        -   LARGER THAN LIFE:  
                               BETTY DAVENPORT FORD, 
                               ELAINE KATZER, 
                               LISA REINERTSON
                               AMERICAN MUSEUM OF CERAMIC ART
                               POMONA, CA

                                  carries my bronze work and some ceramic

Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 11

Manuels' sculpture, Lisa, Pam Dixon, Manuel Neri, Scott Shields 

On Tuesday, Pam and Manuel came with me to see my show at the Pence Gallery. We met up with Scott Shields and who then took us over to the Crocker Art Museum for a tour. Here we are with Manuel's sculpture. Lovely day...
And the Crocker has the most wonderful collection of California art. Go, if you haven't been. Go again, if you have!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dr. Kirsten Gilardi, Co-Director of Gorilla Doctors and Lisa Reinertson

  Last Saturday's "Hope for Endangered Wildlife" talk at the gallery was the highlight for me. Dr. Kirsten Gilardi, a Wildlife Veterinarian from UC Davis, who is co- director of the Gorilla Doctor program in Rwanda came and shared stories about the Gorilla Doctor's work with the endangered Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda, and the Oiled Wildlife Care Network's rescuing oil covered birds. The work being done by these groups is quite inspiring, moving and heroic.

Exhibition Photos

Jaguar II, Ceramic

Here are some photos from my exhibition, "Edge of Extinction", at the Pence Gallery in Davis.
  It was so great to see so many of my friends at the opening which was in conjunction with the Ceramics Conference in Davis.

  The show is up through June 14th....please come by and see it.

 Edge of Extinction, Neptune's Daughter, Ceramic, in foreground

Pieta, Ceramic Wall Piece
Deposition, Ceramic, 7ft.
Polar Bear/Slip Sliding Away, Ceramic

Woodpecker, Ceramic
Wolf Drawing, Oil Stick on paper

Sleep of Reason, Ceramic
Sleep of Reason, Ceramic and Silverback, Oil Stick on paper

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Edge of Extinction

Reinertson, Neptune's Daughter, Ceramic
photo credit:Scott McCue

Edge of Extinction

Ceramic Sculpture by Lisa Reinertson

Pence Gallery
Davis, CA

April 26 - June 14

This exhibition is dedicated to the survival of all of earth's species.

Reinertson, Pieta, Ceramic
photo credit: Scott McCue

Bedford Gallery /Peaceable Kingdom

My bronze sculpture of Neptune's Daughter will be on view at the Bedford Gallery in the exhibition "Peaceable Kingdom"

March 3rd through May 19th 2013

Opening reception is March 3rd